How to Design a Minimalist Living Room

 In the world of art, the minimalist style is a perfect way to combat increased consumerism. The philosophy behind minimalism is based on the concept of “less is more” or, in other words, “to keep it simple.”

The minimalist style generally provides a tidy, warm, and inviting look that doesn’t cost much to achieve; so, it’s best to implement minimalism in your living room space. Although a living room is a hub of activities, it doesn’t mean that you have to brim it with unnecessary fittings and embellishments. In fact, through this theme, you can provide a breath of freshness to your dull and cluttered living room space.

If you have always been in awe of minimalist style but are unsure how to get started, follow the below-mentioned ideas; these simple tips will help you kick things off.

Declutter Your Room

Before designing your living room in a minimalist style, declutter the whole room. As minimalism is all about less is more – first, you’ll have to think about things that no longer serve a purpose in your living room space so that you can remove them for a cleaner look. Try to keep only the most essential and functional stuff. Take a trip to your room, consider every item, and ask yourself if you can live without it? If it’s a yes, then let it go!

Add unique furniture pieces in your minimalist living room

Thoughtful and considered selection of furnishing creates a well-balanced space that everybody wants to have. Designing a minimalist living space doesn’t mean that you have to stick with conventional furniture pieces; Choose furniture or accessories on the basis of function and form, select exciting shapes and sizes to create a fun yet elegant look such as serving trays both functional and elegant decor pieces.  

Layer in some texture in your minimalist living room

Once you have the base of the room, shift your focus to layering some textures. For that, focus on layering design elements together. In particular, layer pieces that create a contrast with each other texturally. It will make the room look much more interesting and also helps it appear purposefully put together.

A woven rug, a wood coffee table, some beautiful throw pillows, and a rattan basket all intermingles to create intriguing visual interest.

You don’t have to stick to these layers; the aim is to create a sense of contrast between each item.


Bring nature in your minimalist living room

A simple way to breathe life into your living is by adding indoor plants or fresh cut flowers. Layer your soil in pots and put them in some beautiful rattan baskets to add extra elegance. Grow some low-maintenance succulents or add a spectacular Bird of Paradise; you’ll be amazed to see how much the addition of a few small or one large plant can transform your living room!


Light it up

Incorporating some beautiful lighting fixtures is a must in a minimalist living room. In the absence of warm daylight, your living room will begin to feel cold and uninviting after the sunsets. Keep your space cheerful and bright by adding adequate lighting like a modern pendant light or a well-placed floor lamp.


Don’t skimp on accessories

Accessories are a great way to add interest to your living room. Anything that adds to the aesthetic value of the space is considered an accessory. Your picked accessory can also serve some sort of functional purpose, but it’s not always necessary. If you’re confused about the kind of accessories you should add to your living room, here are a few common examples:


Accessories should add variety to your space while preserving the balance. Add enough items in your minimalist living room that it feels intentionally designed rather than cluttered and hastily put together.


Final Words on the minimalist living room


We hope these ideas will spark your interest to the point that you want to create your own minimalist living room. You’ll be amazed to see how with a bit of attention to the details, you can transform your small and cluttered living room into a warm and welcoming space. Just remember to maintain the minimalist look by avoiding your old habits. The key to attaining is that “whatever you bring into your home, just keep it to a minimum” only then can you enjoy the calm and tranquility of minimalist space.