How to Incorporate Nordic Style into Your Home

Born at the start of the century, Scandinavian or Nordic design is a modern style defined by its functionality and simplicity. It offers high durability and reliability in the home and also makes great use of natural material without compromising elegance and comfort.

At first glance, the Nordic style looks minimalist, but the possibilities are endless. A Nordic-style home is uncluttered, bright, clean, casual, and cool; everything from the color palette to texture and décor shows these traits.


We have put together a list of things that will help you make your home ultra-cozy, Nordic-style; read on to learn more.


Hygge and Nordic Colors


A Nordic-style home provides a sense of warmth and comfort, along with the feeling of deep satisfaction. The term Hygge means "wellness" it's widely used in Denmark to describe the feeling of togetherness and coziness.

Hygge is something that sets Nordic home interiors apart from other styles; it helps create a feeling of contentment, coziness, and warmth. Although the word Hygee comes from Denmark, many Nordic homes have a similar comforting ambiance without being overly ornate. 

A Nordic-style interior incorporates just the right amount of furniture and décor; the same is the case with color schemes – no more, no less. Usually, Nordic colors are neutral and calming, with palettes sticking to black, blue, white, and gray accents. The interior designed with this style also reflects the wintery landscape and skies of the Nordic areas. 

Nordic Furniture

Nordic style furniture is known for its simplistic forms, clean lines, and functional design. Sofas and chairs often have thin, minimal legs. Fabrics used are white, gray, or neutral in color.

The most common furniture found in a Nordic-style home includes egg chairs, spindle back chairs, wishbone chairs, panton chairs, light gray sofas, simple garment racks, and tulip tables. 

Statement Lighting


Decoration in a Nordic-style home is limited, so functional elements can also take on an ornamental aspect. Lighting is one such example. Lantern-like paper, linen, or wicker pendant lights are among the top choices in a Nordic-style home.


Think Cozy


Remember hygge philosophy while designing all aspects of your Nordic-style home to make it more cozy and comfortable. Decorate with some fluffy pillows and comforters. Create a warm area to unwind by snuggling up layers of blankets and cushions on the couch. You can also create a cozy nook like a window seat with natures' view; Enjoy your me-time here, with a good book and a cup of hot chocolate!


Mix Textures


Use materials and patterns to add character and interest to this relatively minimalist scheme. Natural materials like leather, wool, and wood can introduce plenty of warmth to space. But stick to a tight color palette to prevent it from being too distracting.


Natural Lighting


Use natural lighting to make your Nordic-style space feel brighter and bigger. White walls emphasize the light available, and minimal use of window treatments allows natural light to illuminate the room.



Add flowers, plants, and other botanicals to breathe life in your Nordic-style home. These living elements offer a splash of color while adding to the natural, minimalist essence of a Nordic space. You can put some big plant pots in rattan baskets to use in your living spaces for an added beauty.

Wood Accents


Add wood to your Nordic design through wood slats, flooring, and walls. You can also incorporate wood toys in rooms as playful accents. Designers usually juxtapose the hard, dense material with sheepskin textiles to soften the space's overall feel. Use light woods such as ash, beech, and pine to complement your Nordic space's light aesthetic.


Less is More Approach


Functionality and simplicity are the 2 most significant principles of Nordic design. Neutral walls are usually left bare, and spaces are relatively sparse to emphasize the principle. Avoid ornate or excessive detailing, and implement storage wisely.


We hope these ideas will inspire you to redesign your home in a Nordic style; because, in a world that's becoming busier and more hectic every minute, the need to sit back and enjoy the small things in life has never been more craved. Home designed with Nordic style in our minds allows us to feel the calm of the simplicity to live a happy life.